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Aitarget for Snapchat is an AI-powered SwaS (Software with a Service) that helps advertisers automate routine operations, scale Snapchat campaigns, measure and optimise them in real time.

As a Snapchat Partner we are also able to provide you with instant Ad Account access.

Our product

We provide you Snapchat AdAccount access as well as the tool to automate existing campaigns and get a much better performance with our key features
Advanced rules
Flexible Logical Expressions which can include as many rules as possible, including complex metrics' comparison (ex. if CPI>CPM, then...)
Advanced metrics
Metrics not supported by Snapchat are easily available (ex. CPI, CPAs, etc.)
Formula builder
We ensure each client can calculate formulas for different metrics in accordance with their internal rules (ex. ROI)

SwaS platform
Which means that we provide you not only with technical solution but also with best cases and strategies proven by our clients
Automation is a set of rules allowing to start/stop campaigns, increase/decrease budgets depending on the performance. It keeps your set of metrics (like CPI, CPSU, etc.) stable and under full control. Various rules can be set by a client himself or our best practices and historical data may be utilised.

The main advantage of automation is the elimination of manual control, decreasing labor as well as human error while running campaigns.

Pricing and support

We provide robust customer support with 90% of requests replied to within an hour

Our automation cost is no more than 5% of total Snapchat adspend. If you find a better offer we will match it. Guaranteed!
I spy, with my pixel eye…
One rule of the marketing game is simple: explore your target audience's habits. Snapchat has recently joined the ranks of the biggest social media players that allow advertisers to analyse, track, and target their users, by introducing the Snap Pixel.
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